CaseGuard Studio can automatically translate your transcribed audio to 31 languages.

Get started

  • If you haven’t already transcribed your audio, please follow the directions in the Transcribe Your Audio documentation. They are paraphrased briefly below.
      • Pull up the Transcription Panel. Select the Auto Transcribe button.
      • A window will pop up showing transcription settings including Spoken Language, Speakers Identification, and Number of Speakers. Enter information about your audio file.
      • As your transcript transcribes, the Transcription Panel will update to show you the progress of the transcription.
      • Once the transcription is complete, a transcript will appear in the Transcription panel.
  • Click  within the Transcription Panel or shortcuts bar to translate your transcript into another target language.
  • The Automatic Translation popup will appear.

CaseGuard Translation Setup

  • Select the source and target language.
  • Click the Translate button.
  • Your translation will appear in the Translation Panel.

CaseGuard translation panel

    • Optionally, translate your original transcript into an additional language by following the above steps again.
    • Optionally, consider burning captions of the translation to your file.
  • Click Process from the Shortcuts Bar or from the Task List Panel to process the file.

Get Started

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