How to fix your CaseGuard transcription not loading


How to fix your CaseGuard transcription not loading


When I attempt to transcribe my file, the transcription begins to load but then suddenly disappears. Additionally, the triangle at the top of the screen turns red.

Follow these steps to fix your transcription!

  • Select “Tools” from the top left of CaseGuard.
  • From the “Tools” drop down select “Settings.”


  • Once in the “Settings” window select “Transcription.”


  • From the top of the Transcription window, select “Transcription Region.”
  • A drop-down will appear, select the region closest to you.
    • If the region closest to you has already been selected then select US EAST.
  • Once selected, close the “Settings” window. A “Restart Application” window will appear.
  • Select “Restart CaseGuard.


  • Once CaseGuard is restarted, try and run the transcription on the same file.
  • Your transcription should now run correctly!

If you are still having issues please send an email to [email protected] to get help quickly!