Use OCR to convert scanned PDF to a readable one

OCR processing a document allows scanned and machine-generated documents to be processed into a machine-readable text format.

We recommend OCR processing your document (or at least the pages you will be redacting) before you start redacting.

Reasons for using OCR processing

  • Text on scanned documents isn’t being read correctly.
  • The document was poorly OCRed originally.
    • You will know it isn’t OCRed well if you are trying to find and highlight words, and the system highlights random boxes and empty spaces around the word instead of the words themselves.
  • There are images embedded in a document that contains the text.

Get started

  • Click on the OCR icon  in the toolbar on the left side of the screen, and a popup should appear.
  • Select either “OCR all scanned pages” or “OCR all pages” (OCRs all types of pages including scanned and machine generated).
  • Now under “Run OCR on”, select either “All Pages” or “Page Range”.
  • Click “Process OCR”.
  • A load bar should now appear at the bottom of the screen, indicating how far the OCR process is for your document.

CaseGuard OCR Pages

Once complete, you can click on the OCR icon from the left toolbar of the screen to bring up the OCR document popup again, and it should show you what pages have been OCRed under “File Information”.

CaseGuard OCR File Information

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