File Log / Chain of Custody


File Log / Chain of Custody

The File Log keeps track of every single action you take in a file. It can be exported and printed later on.

File Log

The File Log shows:

  • When the project has been accessed
  • Where the project was accessed
  • Where the project was located in your storage/server array
  • Who accessed the project and when.

Think of the File Log as the audit trail. It does apply to each file in the project, but rather records the activity for every file, instead of just capturing activity to the project file only.

Add Note
  • Add note: click Add note to add a note to a specific frame (e.g., frame 73 of 473)  in a media file. Your note will be added to the log file associated with the file you’re working on, and can be exported as part of a report.
Edit Project Information
  • Edit project information: click Project info to edit project information, including: name of requestor, case number, and date of request.
Print Report
  • Print report: click Print report to view an automatically generated report of your redaction work and redaction logs, including reports of transcription and translation services applied to your files.