What file types are supported by CaseGuard


What file types are supported by CaseGuard

CaseGuard is designed to accept any file type for upload. By default, the software will accept the following extensions listed below:

Video extensions

  • .mp4;.avi;.mpg;.mov;.mkv;.flv;.3gp;.wmv;.ts;.asf;.vob;.mts;.webm;.m4v

Audio extensions

  • .mp3;.wav;.dss;.m4a;.wma;.flac;.ac3;.vox

Image extensions

  • .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .png, .bmp, .wmf, .exif, .tiff

Raw Image extensions

  • .gif, .heic, .nef, .cr2, .jp2, .psd, .crw, .dcr, .orf

Document File Extensions

  • .pdf;.doc;.docx;.ppt;.pptx;.pps;.ppsx;.xls;.xlsx;.csv;.eml;.msg;.txt;.xmp

Email File Extensions

  • .eml;.msg;.pst;.mbox

Text File Extensions

  • .txt

If your file is not in one of the above formats, you can still change CaseGuard’s settings so you can upload it.

  • Open CaseGuard Studio.
  • Select Tools –> Settings.
  • Select the Extensions tab.
  • Add the extension you want under the appropriate file type. Before entering the file type, add a semicolon before the file type extension. For example, if you added a .dav extension to Video Extensions, you would type ;dav in the Video Extensions entry.
  • Select “Close“.

what Extensions are supported by CaseGuard