Audio Redaction


Audio Redaction


Audio redaction is the removal of sensitive data from an audio file. In CaseGuard, you can redact Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as Social Security Numbers (SSN),  Employer Identification Numbers (EIN), phone numbers, and much more from any audio file within seconds!

To begin redacting audio Files using CaseGuard, upload a video containing audio or an audio file. Then, from the left-hand toolbar, select either the Manual or AI Audio to hide any PII or choose from the advanced tools to transcribe or translate your audio recording. Based on your selection, the customized Audio tool panel will appear under the player.

While the Manual option gives users the most control over the content they are redacting, the AI option has emerged as a valuable time-saving tool, especially for individuals dealing with lengthier audio or video files.

CaseGuard Audio features:

Audio Tools:

Manual Audio Toolbar

  1. Manual Audio: Apply different effects such as mute Mute Iconor bleep Bleep Icon  or apply one of the 10 available change voice Resample Icon effects.
  2. AI Audio: Automatically have your audio transcribed and have Personally Identifiable Information (PII) automatically detected. Apply different effects such as mute Mute iconor bleep Bleep Icon  or apply one of the 10 available change voice Resample Icon effects in the Transcription Panel.

EDIT Tools:


  1. Cut Media: Let you choose a portion of the audio to save from the cut you applied.
  2. Drop Segments: Cuts out parts of a video.
  3. Change Speed: You can change the speed of the audio to your liking.
  4. Noise Removal: Decreases the noise that distorts the audio file, for example, wind.
  5. Change Volume Level: Increase the Audio Volume up to 100X.
  6. Closed Captioning: Manually type captions for your audio or automatically transcribe audio captions in over 100 different languages.
  7. Convert audio to video: Audio visualization is converted into a video format.
  8. Audio Merging: Combine multiple audio files into a single audio file by using the merge audio files, streamlining your editing process.

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