Beginners Guide to Redact in CaseGuard Studio

This section provides the basic information you need to begin using the software to redact files as soon as possible and can serve as a beginner’s guide!

Create a Project

  • When you open CaseGuard Studio for the first time, you need to create a project within the software by clicking on the Create Object button within the Get Started pop-up window. Conversely, users can also create a new project by clicking File –> New Project.

Redact Video

  • The Redact Video pages within the Quick Start section will show you how to redact video recordings in the system using three separate features, the Manual Redaction tool, the Object Tracking tool, and the AI Detection tool. What’s more, the tools are also designed to complement each other, giving clients the ability to redact any video they may be working on, irrespective of the quality, duration, or number of moving objects that may be present within a particular video. On top of this, users can also redact video and audio data simultaneously when using the software.

Redact Audio

Redact Documents

  • The Redact Documents page within the Quick Start section will show you how to use the software’s various document redaction features to your benefit. These features include Manual Redaction, Page Redaction, Find and redact, Patterns/Regular Expressions, and AI Analysis.

Redact Images

  • The Redact Images page within the Quick Start section will give you the directions you need to create an album of images within the software and then redact the images within this album in a matter of seconds. You can use a combination of AI Detection, manual redaction, and Automatic Text Detection features to do this.

Get Started

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