OCR settings


OCR settings

To access CaseGuard Studio’s OCR Settings, select Tools –>Settings. The Settings popup contains 14 tabs, one of which is the “OCR” tab.

When OCRing using CaseGuard Studio, there are several settings that you can configure to meet the particular needs of you or your agency.


Automatically OCR new PDF files

  • Select this option to apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to your files when uploading new documents to the software.
    • OCR all scanned pages will OCR only the pages that were scanned in the document.
    • OCR all pages will OCR every page in the document.

File Language

  • Select the language your files are written in.

Image DPI

  • Change the DPI of the documents added into CaseGuard.
    • “DPI” stands for Dots per Inch, which is a measurement indicating the resolution of a printed image. It refers to the number of individual dots of ink a printer can produce within a one-inch space. Essentially, the higher the DPI value, the more detailed and finer the printed image will be. This is because a greater number of dots in a given area allows for more precise rendering of an image’s details, leading to sharper and clearer prints. DPI is an important factor in determining the print quality of images, especially for high-resolution photography or detailed graphics.

Fix Rotation and Perspective

  • Select this option to have CaseGuard automatically fix any rotation issues with the document.

Remove Noise

  • Select this option to have CaseGuard remove any Noise the document may have.
    • Noise occurs in an image because of paper quality, the typing machine used, or it can be created by scanners during the scanning process.

Enhance Contrast

  • Enhance the contrast in a document when it is added into CaseGuard.
    • Contrast ratio refers to how bright or dark colors appear on screens.