Object Detection

The Object Detection Panel helps locate and apply effects to objects in an image or video.


Object Detection Tools


Select All
  • Select All: click to select all the detected objects
Enable/Disable Effect
  • Enable/Disable Effect: click to enable or disable an effect (e.g., blurring, pixelation, etc.) on an object (e.g., a face vehicle, license plate, etc) in your media file. The enabled/disable effect tool will be enabled after you select one or more of the detected objects in the Object Detection Panel.
Merge Effects
  • Merge Effects:  first select the detected objects you want to merge then click to merge them into one object. When clicked, this will group all of your selected objects into one object, and apply the effect to it.
  • Delete: click to delete the detected object in the object detection panel. This will prevent you from applying effects to the object automatically unless you rescan it again. While you can do that, we recommend deselecting the object instead. That way, should you need to edit the object in the future, you can do so without having to rescan.
Bulk Edit Effects
  • Bulk Edit Effects: click the effect dropdown menu to change the effects for a selected object. When clicked, the Bulk Edit Effects popup will appear.


  • You can then override the effect settings applied to your detected object.
Remove Flickering
  • Remove Flickering: Click to select the maximum gap between frames to fill. The effect box will be copied for all gaps smaller or equal to the maximum gap.


  • Refresh: Click to refresh the Objects Detection Panel. Refreshing periodically ensures you see the most up-to-date verion of whatever files are in your project.
View All
  • View All: click to pull up the object detection panel.


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