Redaction for Crisis Centers

Your job is hard enough. Spend less time managing complex and expensive redaction software and more time focusing on helping those who need it. Through leveraging AI and machine learning, CaseGuard helps crisis centers manage caller information by providing a better way to redact sensitive information for video, audio, documents, and images automatically.

Redaction for Crisis Centers

Designed for speed and security

In crisis intervention work, every second counts. Free up your staff time with CaseGuard’s automatic redaction software. Our intuitive interface makes it easy for you to automatically detect and redact sensitive information from any source. Redacting written and spoken text from both transcripts and original audio or video files takes a few clicks.

How Crisis Hotlines use CaseGuard

CaseGuard helps crisis hotlines protect sensitive information by identifying keywords and phrases and automatically removing them. Every day, it’s used by crisis hotlines to:

  • Automatically redact thousands of recordings with sensitive information.
  • Redact audio for training purposes.
  • Comply with the privacy protection laws.
  • Automatically transcribe and redact transcripts.
  •  Automatically translate and redact audio recordings.
  • Automatically redact complex video footage.
Redaction for Crisis Centers and Hotlines

Key Benefits

Free yourself from tedious redaction workflows. With CaseGuard, redaction and processing time disappears. That means you can redact more quickly and with greater accuracy.

Key Benefits

Redact faster with CaseGuard

Speed up redaction time, reduce errors, and protect sensitive information. With CaseGuard’s intuitive, easy-to-use software, you can slash redaction times to just a few minutes instead of hours.

Increase productivity

Hotline staff doesn’t need to spend more time on slow redaction processes.  Our automatic redaction software speeds up redaction time, all while reducing redaction errors, and protecting your sensitive information.

Transcribe and translate

Working with multilingual clients? CaseGuard Studio can automatically transcribe and translate audio (in both video and audio files) to text, recognizing multiple speakers in the audio. CaseGuard Studio’s tools can recognize 31 languages, including Spanish, and even translate your audio transcript from one language to another.

A complete redaction solution

Packaged as a complete solution, CaseGuard lets hotlines manage their redaction needs in one place with one software. CaseGuard has everything a hotline needs to redact video, audio, image, and PDF files securely and efficiently. No more jumping between 10 pieces of software.

Run lists of phrases over and over

Working with client documents and want to understand what’s going on? You can. In CaseGuard, you can define lists of keywords, phrases, and patterns of interest and run the list for automatic analysis on any PDF file. Set it up for handling PII and sensitive client information in moments.

Work with any file or video

CaseGuard is designed to accept any file type for upload. You can work with video footage, audio files, images, and PDFs. Have unusual proprietary audio or video format? No problem. CaseGuard can handle it.

Customizable reports and coding

Make the decision-making process behind your redactions visible. Easily tag text, images, and more. Then, apply existing or custom redaction codes to appear over your redaction marks. That way, everyone is kept in the loop.

How CaseGuard works

Hotline staff can redact tens of thousands of files every day with CaseGuard. It takes four simple steps to automatically redact sensitive information from your video, audio, document, and image files.



a project in CaseGuard Studio to store your files.

2. Add

2. Add

whatever video, audio, image, or PDF file you need to CaseGuard Project.

3. Redact

3. Redact

any type of file automatically in one click or customize your redaction manually.

4. Export

4. Export

redacted files immediately or schedule them for processing later.

Built for call centers and hotlines

CaseGuard Watcher for Crisis Centers and Hotlines

Redact all sensitive client data automatically and accurately. Drop any file in a folder and CaseGuard will automatically produce a redacted version of your file with zero additional steps from you. In moments, CaseGuard will redact faces from video or images;  mute, bleep or resample all of your files with audio and even remove specific private information; and redact identifying information from any PDF document.

Select Folder
Select Folder

Select what folder you want CaseGuard Studio to watch.

Setup Redaction
Setup Redaction

Decide what you want to redact including redacting face, license plates, papers, vehicles, people, screens, mute private information from the audio, redact pdfs.

Select where to output
Select where to output

Select what folder you want CaseGuard Studio to save your processed redacted version of the files.

Built for Crisis Center Needs

Powerful Crisis Center analytics tools

Use our advanced transcription processing to run analytics on your files to identify and extract sensitive information. Then, review findings and correlations among your redacted data to discover patterns.

Run audio analytics
Run audio analytics

Surface useful data from your transcribed files using our intuitive search features. Easily search for your data by keyword, phrase, or data type.

Flag and redact keywords
Flag and redact keywords

Find and redact every sensitive word or phrase in your recordings or documents, then share your redacted files with your team.

Called upon by thousands for redaction needs.

CaseGuard provides leading organizations around the world with the redaction capabilities they need to redact and secure sensitive information. Contact us to find out why thousands choose CaseGuard for their redaction needs.

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