Watcher Operations


Watcher Operations

A Watcher, by nature, is designed to monitor and track actions within an application. Within CaseGuard Studio, The Watcher is an advanced AI tool that automatically observes, detects, redacts, and exports your files! For users needing to consistently redact files using the AI features, you can do it instantaneously through The Watcher.

While The Watcher can redact unlimited files in minutes, it needs certain rules or criteria to look for when redacting. Once the appropriate operation is defined within the application, the Watcher will start scanning for all the criteria that are met within the operation. Based on the customizable criteria within each of the 7 available operations in the Watcher, you can set up 1 or multiple Watchers.

Anonymize any Document

Anonymize any amount of documents instantly using The Watcher to remove unconscious bias as a recruiter.

OCR any Document

  • OCRing a document allows scanned and machine-generated documents to be processed into a machine-readable text format. Have The Watcher instantly OCR all your documents for more accurate redactions.

Redact any Document

  • Redact any document using The Watcher.

Watermark your Document

Convert Documents to PDF

Redact any Image file

  •  AI Image Analysis in The Watcher – The Watcher’s AI Image Analysis can instantly redact Personal Identifiable Information (PII) from unlimited images or documents.

Redact any Video file

  • AI Video in The Watcher – The Watcher’s AI Video can redact multiple videos easily outside of CaseGuard in one operation.

Redaction any Audio file

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