Translation Panel

The Translation Panel makes it easier to translate audio & video files. Depending on the length of your file, Automatic Translation can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 1 hour to finish. Once you add an automatic translation, check scheduled tasks (View –> View Scheduled tasks) to see the progress of the translation.


Translation Tools

There are multiple tools available in the Translation panel.

  • Increase/Decrease font size: click to adjust the size of the font of your transcript in the Transcription panel.
  • Translate: click to translate your transcript into another target language.
  • Manual Translation: Click to manually add a translation to the file. When clicked, the Manual Translation popup will appear, and prompt you to enter the language you will be writing in. After doing so, you will be able to add manual translations.
  • Attach Translation: Click to attach a .TRAN file (an outside translation) to the CaseGuard File.
  • Delete Translation: click to delete your translation.
  • Add Sentence: click to add a sentence to the translation’s transcript. Set speaking information, start and end time, and the translation in the Edit Setence popup.
  • Burn Captions to File: captions are lines of text synced with a video that are generally used for closed captioning. Click to add captions from your transcript  file.
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