Document Redaction


Document Redaction


Document redaction is the removal of sensitive data from a document file. In CaseGuard, you can redact Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as Social Security Numbers (SSN),  Employer Identification Numbers (EIN), phone numbers, and much more from any document file within seconds!

To begin redacting document Files using CaseGuard, upload a document file. Then, from the left-hand toolbar, select either the Manual or AI Document to hide any PII or choose from the advanced tools to redact your document using a pattern. Based on your selection, the customized Document tool panel will appear under the workspace.

While the Manual option gives users the most control over the content they are redacting, the AI option is a valuable time-saving tool, especially for individuals dealing with lengthier Document files.

Redact any Document

  • Redact any document with a click of a button using our six modes of redaction.
    • Find & Redact – Search for specific words/phrases in the document and redact them individually or all at once.
    • Manual Redaction – Draw a redaction box on any area of the document.
    • Page Redaction – Instantly redact the entire header, body, and/or the footer of the document on one or more pages of the document.
    • AI Analysis – Analyze the document and give you all of the personally identifiable information (PII) to redact with just one click.
    • Pattern Redaction – Finds and redacts words/phrases that match a specific pattern such as emails or phone numbers.
    • Template Redaction –  Apply and create templates for any document.

OCR any Document

  • OCR processing a document allows scanned and machine-generated documents to be processed into a machine-readable text format. Using OCR Processing will allow your documents to be read correctly by CaseGuard if you are having difficulty redacting your documents.

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