How to install CaseGuard Studio on your device


How to install CaseGuard Studio on your device

Follow these steps to install CaseGuard Studio!

Once your license is issued, look out for an email from [email protected] containing your login credentials. If you have not received the email, please contact us at [email protected].

  • To install, follow the link provided in the email and use the username and password from that same email.
    • Ensure your password is strong by using a unique combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid using personal information that others may easily guess.
    • Remember that CaseGuard will never request your password via email. Instead, you should reset your password by changing the temporary password provided during account setup.


  • On the “Install/Update CaseGuard Studio” page, click on “Download CaseGuard Studio (Recommended)” to proceed.
    • If you have trouble installing the recommended installation file or if you work in an air-gap environment; please click the “Download CaseGuard Studio (Offline)”.


  • The CaseGuard installer will begin downloading, you can monitor the progress of the download in the top right corner of your browser.
  • Once the download is complete, click “Downloads” on the top right corner of your browser to view the downloaded installer.
  • Click “caseguardstudio-x.x.x.exe” to start the CaseGuard installation process.
    • If you can’t find the “Downloads” section in your browser, you can also access the caseguardstudio-x.x.x.exe file from the Downloads section in Windows File Explorer.


  • Once the CaseGuard installer window opens up, click “Next“.
  • On the next CaseGuard installer window decide if you would like to install the software for everyone that uses the computer or just yourself.
    • If multiple user accounts will be using CaseGuard on the same computer, choose “Everybody (all users)
    • If CaseGuard is intended for use by only one user account, select “Only for me“.
  • Once the user preference is selected, Click “Next” to continue.


  • Click “Express Installation
    • or click “Custom Installation” if you would like to set up a custom setting path or install 10 additional OCR languages.

  • In the next window decide where you would like your CaseGuard installed.
    • We recommend keeping it installed on a local drive.
  • Click the check box to agree with the CaseGuard License terms and conditions and then click “Install.”
    • Review the terms and conditions by clicking the “License terms and conditions” link.


  • When the Windows User Account Control window appears, click “Yes” to proceed.
  • The CaseGuard installation will begin, it may take a few minutes depending on your internet connection.
  • When CaseGuard Studio is successfully Installed, click “Run Studio“.


  • When you open CaseGuard Studio for the first time, a login window will appear. Enter your credentials from the email sent by [email protected], and then click “Login“. Select the “Remember Me” check box to automatically be logged in going forward.


Using Offline-Keys

If a user intends to utilize CaseGuard Studio offline or in an air-gapped network we have offline keys available for you to access the software.


  • To install CaseGuard, follow the steps outlined above. If the workstation is in an air-gapped network, you may need to use a flash drive to transfer CaseGuard’s files from a computer with internet access to the air-gapped workstation.
  • Install the software by adding CaseGuard’s files to your computer. After the installation of CaseGuard is complete, open the software and expand the offline key section on the login prompt.
  • Contact your CaseGuard representative or email [email protected], providing them with the License Unique ID so that an offline key can be issued.

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