Before you begin, make sure your PC meets the system requirements.

If this is the first time you’re installing CaseGuard you’ll have some setup steps to do first.

Sign in and install CaseGuard

  1. Sign in with the account associated with CaseGuard Studio. You’ll be able to login using the credentials you received from [email protected].
  2. After signing in, select Install CaseGuard to start the application download. The install begins.
    CaseGuard installation
  3. CaseGuard will open automatically upon the completion of the installation. When it opens, this indicates the download of CaseGuard on your device is complete.
  4. CaseGuard will prompt you to enter your login credentials to start using the program. Enter your Agency Name, Username, and Password in the Login Popup.
    CaseGuard intro login
  5. Click Login.
  6. You can now start using CaseGuard.

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