Protect your information with document redaction

CaseGuard automatically redacts any document from any industry that has sensitive information. It can handle personnel records, police records, bank records, medical records, FOIA requests, tax forms, and more. Use CaseGuard to automatically find and redact data, including names, email addresses, social security numbers, zip codes, or credit card numbers in all of your documents instantly.

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Document redaction modes for every use case

CaseGuard’s document redaction modes turn your computer into a professional editing studio able to handle any type of document, no matter how sensitive the data.  Use them separately or together to remove sensitive content.

1. Pattern Redaction

Pattern Redaction lets you easily search and remove words or phrases that match named patterns in the text such as:

  • Credit/debit card/Bank Accounts numbers and CVV codes
  • PINs
  • Social security numbers
  • Names
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Postal addresses
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2. Search and Find

Search and redact any word, sentence, or paragraph.

  • Type any keyword in the search box
  • Press enter to find all matches
  • Redact all in one click

3. Page Redaction

Apply a full-page redaction across entire pages of your PDF document. Use it to redact your current page, all pages, or a range of pages.

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4. Manual Redaction

Manual Redaction lets you create and apply redactions across entire pages of your PDF document. Use it to:

  • Redact text and graphics anywhere in your document
  • Adjust the appearance of your redaction marks.
  • Redact headers and footers in one page or multiple pages

How Document Redaction works

Through applying artificial intelligence and machine learning, CaseGuard makes document redaction accessible to all, regardless of your work style. Whether redacting entire pages or through automatically identifying sensitive information, CaseGuard presents you with smart review panels that let you verify all your redactions. That way, you have complete control over your documents.

1. Add

1. Add

whatever documents you need to your CaseGuard Project.

2. Select

2. Select

one of four modes to redact any document in CaseGuard Studio.

3. Redact

3. Redact

using one of the four available document redaction modes to get your redaction done in minutes.

4. Export

4. Export

your redacted documents immediately or schedule them for processing later when you’re away.

Define, refine, and remove

Are you redacting the same things over and over? Don’t start from scratch each time. Use CaseGuard’s automatic analysis tools to speed up your workflow instantly.

Create lists to run over and over

Create lists to run over and over

Define lists of keywords, phrases, and patterns of interest and run the list for automatic analysis on any PDF file. Quickly locate and remove information by running your own lists of text patterns.

Use preset patterns

Use preset patterns

Search for patterns like phone numbers, credit cards, email addresses, and social security numbers.

Color code and set redaction reasons

Color code and set redaction reasons

Select reasons for why you’ve redacted your text. Optionally, use color-coding your redaction marks makes it easier to scan a redacted document quickly to see why the information was removed.

Redact faster

Make it yours with a watermark

Want to add an image to your PDF? CaseGuard can. Design any watermark you like and add it to any page or document with just a few clicks.

Add logos
Add logos

Want to add an image to your PDF? CaseGuard can. Design any watermark you like and add to any page or document with just few clicks.

Add labels
Add labels

Have a confidential or classified document you want to label? Let your readers know.

Customize your watermark
Customize your watermark

Change the font, size, background color, background opacity, boldness, italicization, and underline style of your font.
Change the appearance of your watermark, including its position, scale, opacity, and location above or behind a page.

Chain of Custody

Digital evidence can be easily altered, which is why tracking how a file is handled is exceptionally important. CaseGuard logs all work performed on your files automatically.

In CaseGuard, you can generate printable reports that document key information, such as:

  • All file names
  • Tasks performed
  • Logs showing when and how files were modified
  • Metadata

See other features

With CaseGuard Studio, you can change any redaction setting to be as specific or as broad as you need. Its six modes make redacting, transcribing, and translating all of your files simple and fast. Learn more about what CaseGuard Studio can offer.

Trusted worldwide for document redaction.

CaseGuard provides organizations around the world with the redaction capabilities they need to redact any document. Join thousands of happy users.

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