Redaction for Transportation

Transportation providers all throughout the country are tasked with protecting sensitive information from public disclosure. With CaseGuard, you can automatically redact sensitive information video, audio, and images from any camera or recording source, as well as documents saving you time and money.

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Designed to keep things moving

Protecting personal information matters whether you’re on the road or in the air. Whether handling records for cargo at an airport or redacting footage from airplanes, transit systems, vehicles, or ships, CaseGuard has all the tools you need to redact sensitive information quickly, securely, and accurately.

How CaseGuard helps Transportation Providers

CaseGuard provides an intuitive redaction experience for transportation providers by automating complex tasks. Every day, it’s used by compliance officers and records specialists to:

  • Automatically remove sensitive or confidential information instantly.
  • Redact vehicle registry documents or operational safety records.
  • Redact vehicle registry documents or operational safety record.
  • Redact in-flight, transit, or in-vehicle audio.
  • Redact video footage from any in-flight or-vehicle.
  • Redact license plates and identifiable vehicle markers in video footage and images.
Redaction for Transportation

Key Benefits

Redacting video footage, images, documents, and recordings don’t have to be hard. CaseGuard’s redaction tools remove all sensitive information and metadata in just a few clicks — meaning your documents and media files leave no traces of sensitive data.

Key Benefits

Work with any file or video

Transportation workers use CaseGuard Studio to redact and enhance all types of video footage, audio files, images, and PDFs from any source, including surveillance cameras, in-car cameras, cellphones, and more. Designed to handle all proprietary formats and media, CaseGuard makes it easy to redact sensitive documents and recordings, no matter their format.

A complete redaction solution

Packaged as a complete solution, CaseGuard lets users manage their redaction needs in one place with one software. CaseGuard has everything transportation providers need to redact video, audio, image, and PDF files in a secure and efficient way

Transcribe and Translate

CaseGuard Studio is used by transportation agencies every day to automatically transcribe and translate audio (in both video and audio files) to text, recognizing multiple speakers in the audio. They use CaseGuard Studio’s tools to recognize 31 languages and even translate the transcript of any audio file from one language to another.

Increase productivity

Redact your media at the speed of light. Use CaseGuard’s automatic redaction modes to speed up review and redaction time — all while reducing errors and protecting sensitive information.

Redact groups of documents and media

Save time by uploading all of your documents in one project, then start redacting them automatically.

Secure workflows

Never worry about losing track of your files or accidentally deleting sensitive information. CaseGuard uses non-destructive editing, so your original files are never at risk of deletion. Best of all, all work you do is logged into a tamper-proof audit trail.

Built for Transportation

CaseGuard Watcher for airports, rail, transit and more

Redact all different types of records automatically and accurately. Drop any file in a folder, and CaseGuard will automatically produce a redacted version of it with zero additional steps from you. In moments, CaseGuard will redact faces and license plates from video or images;  mute, bleep, or resample all of your files with audio and even remove specific private information; and redact private information from any PDF document.

Select what to watch
Select what to watch

Select what folder you want CaseGuard Studio to watch.

Setup redaction
Setup redaction

Decide what you want to redact. Select faces, license plates, papers, vehicles, people, screens, mute private information from audio, or redact PDFs.

Select where to output
Select where to output

Select what folder you want CaseGuard Studio to save your processed redacted version of the files.

Relied upon by leading organizations to keep moving

CaseGuard provides transportation organizations of all types the trusted capabilities they need to redact and secure sensitive information. Whether you’re working with footage from a transit hub, airport camera, or with classified documents relating to critical infrastructure, CaseGuard has you covered.

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