Redaction for Education

Protect student privacy by obscuring identities and personal property. Easy to use and affordable, CaseGuard gives education providers control over all digital files. Compliance has never been easier.

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A better way to redact for Education Providers

Need to easily redact the names and information of students in educational records or camera footage? Now you can. Equipped with all the tools you need to start redacting right away, CaseGuard’s intuitive interface speeds up your workflow, all while protecting sensitive information.

A better way to redact for Education Providers

How CaseGuard helps Education Providers

Education providers have enough to manage. That’s why we’ve made CaseGuard easy to learn and use. Every day, it’s used by school resource officers and records specialists to:

  • Redact student faces, people (i.e., entire bodies), and identifying characteristics in video footage, including streamed classroom sessions.
  • Respond to public records requests and parent information demands.
  • Securely remove identifying data and metadata from any file.
  • Comply with FERPA and other privacy-protecting statutes at the state and federal level.
Redaction for Education

Key Benefits

Spend less time on redaction processes and more time on what you love. With CaseGuard, redaction and processing time disappears.

Key Benefits

Improve FERPA Compliance

Education providers use CaseGuard studio daily to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Protect personally identifiable information (PII) by removing identifying data.

Work with any file or video

CaseGuard is designed to accept any file type for upload. You can work with video footage, audio files, images, and PDFs. Have a proprietary format from a school camera or a special piece of software? No problem. CaseGuard can handle it.

A complete redaction solution

Packaged as a complete solution, CaseGuard lets users manage their redaction needs in one place with one software. CaseGuard has everything education providers need to redact video, audio, image, and PDF files securely and efficiently.

Increase productivity

Redacted media fast and easy. Speed up redaction time, reduce errors, and protect student and staff information.

OCR and non-OCR support

CaseGuard supports optical character recognition (OCR) documents as well as non-OCR documents. This means your non-OCR document can be converted into an editable PDF automatically by CaseGuard, saving you conversion time and hassle.

Secure workflows

Education providers are never worried about losing track of their files or accidentally deleting sensitive information. CaseGuard uses nondestructive editing, so your original files are never at risk of deletion. Best of all, all work you do is logged into a tamper-proof audit trail.

How CaseGuard works

Education providers around the world use CaseGuard to redact sensitive information from videos, audio files, documents, and images with our all-in-one redaction software following four simple steps:

1. Create

1. Create

a project to be able to add files that needs to be redacted or enhanced.

2. Add

2. Add

whatever video, audio, image, or PDF file you need to CaseGuard Project

3. Redact

3. Redact

any type of file automatically in one click or customize redaction manually.

4. Export

4. Export

redacted files immediately or schedule them for processing later.

CaseGuard gets top marks from Education Providers

CaseGuard gets top marks from Education Providers

CaseGuard provides schools, universities, and educational providers around the world with the redaction capabilities they need to redact and secure sensitive information. Join thousands of happy users today.

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