Redaction for Casinos

Casino operators around the globe know that there are some risks in life worth taking. When it comes to ensuring the privacy of players and employees, all bets are off. That’s why Casinos use CaseGuard’s redaction software to automatically redact sensitive information from video footage, audio recordings, financial documents, and images.

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Redaction for Casinos

How Casinos use CaseGuard

CaseGuard helps casinos automatically redact the identifying information of patrons and staff. Every day, it’s used by Casinos to:

  • Automatically redact complex video footage from CCTV cameras.
  • Automatically redact thousands of recordings with sensitive information.
  • Comply with the privacy protection laws and internal security controls.
  • Redact confidential information from documents.
A secure redaction system you can count on

A secure redaction system you can count on

Some risks are worth taking. Risking the security of your patrons or the exposure of your confidential financial information isn’t. That’s why CaseGuard’s intuitive interface makes it easy for you to automatically detect and redact sensitive information from any source. Redacting video, audio, documents, and images takes just a few moves.

Key Benefits

Take control of your data with CaseGuard. Our automatic redaction software drastically cuts redaction and processing time, freeing you up to focus on your operations.

A complete redaction solution

Packaged as a complete redaction solution, CaseGuard lets Casinos manage their redaction needs in one place with one software. It can automatically redact anything from recordings on the Casino floor to tax documents.

Increase productivity

Redacted media fast and easy. Our automatic redaction software speeds up redaction time, all while reducing redaction errors, and protecting your sensitive information.

Work with any file or video

CaseGuard is designed to accept any file type for upload. You can work with video footage, audio files, images, and PDFs. Have a proprietary format or unique CCTV system? No problem. CaseGuard can handle it.

Customizable reports and coding

Make it easy to see why you redacted certain information. Easily tag text, images, and more. Then, apply existing or custom redaction codes to appear over your redaction marks.

Run lists of phrases over and over

Define lists of keywords, phrases, and patterns of interest and run the list for automatic analysis on any PDF file. Set it up for handling PII and sensitive player data in moments.

How CaseGuard works

Casino staff are able to redact tens of thousands of files everyday with CaseGuard. All it takes is four simple steps to start automatically redact sensitive information from your video, audio, document, and image files.



a project in CaseGuard Studio to store your files.

2. Add

2. Add

whatever video, audio, image, or PDF file you need to CaseGuard Project.

3. Redact

3. Redact

any type of file automatically in one click or customize your redaction manually.

4. Export

4. Export

redacted files immediately or schedule them for processing later.

Used by thousands to keep their lucky streak

CaseGuard provides leading organizations, including casinos, around the world with the redaction capabilities they need to automatically redact videos, audio files, documents, and images. Contact us to find out why thousands choose CaseGuard for their redaction needs.

Used by thousands to keep their lucky streak

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