How to Bates Stamp your documents in CaseGuard


How to Bates Stamp your documents in CaseGuard


Bates Stamping is used to sequentially number pages or documents for identification and organization. With CaseGuard, you can effortlessly apply customized Bates stamps to an unlimited number of documents with just a click of a button. This process helps in the efficient organization and identification of specific pages within a document.

Bates Stamping in CaseGuard proves helpful for legal discovery, litigation, and document production processes, providing a standardized and systematic approach to document identification and tracking. This feature ensures that each page or document receives a unique identifier, which helps users with efficient organization, retrieval, and referencing within large sets of documents.

Follow the steps to Add Bates Stamping

  • Add a document file into CaseGuard.
  • Select the “Watermark”  Watermark IConbutton in the left toolbar and select “Add New Watermark.”
  • Enter a name and short description for the Bates Stamp and click “Continue.”

BateStamp Create Image

  • The Watermark window will open, select the “Add Dynamic Tags” button.

Add dynamic Tag Image

  • From the Dynamic Tag drop-down, select “Bates-Stamping.”
  • The Bates Stamping window will appear.
  • Within the Bates Stamping window, you’ll find several options.
    • Pick the “Number of Digits” for your Bates Stamp, designate the “Start Numbering From” point, and include any desired “Prefix” and “Suffix” for the Bates Stamp. Decide whether you want the Bates Stamp at the bottom right of each page, or leave it at the default, which is in the middle of each page.

Bates Stamping options Image

  • Click “Add Tag.”
  • In the Watermark window, you will see a preview of your Bates Stamp.
  • From the Watermark window, you can also change the Font, Size, Style, Position, and Color of your Bates Stamp.

Bate Stamp preview Image

  • Once all of your changes have been made, click “Next.”
  • In the next window, select the page range you would like your Bates Stamp to be applied to.

Bates Stamp page range Image

  • Once your page range is chosen, click “Apply.
    • After clicking “Apply” the created Bates Stamp will be saved and can be applied to any document.
    • To reapply your Bates Stamp, click on “Watermark” in the left Toolbar, then choose “Apply Existing Watermark.” A popup will display your previously created Watermarks; select the desired one to apply it.
  • A new file will appear in your Project Files panel with the Bates Stamping applied.
  • Select the new file and proceed to apply any necessary redactions or edits.

Once you’ve completed the redaction process, click Manual Document Export Export from the Shortcuts Bar to process the file.

Let’s see it in action!

Bates Stamp GIF