PDF Pattern Redaction

Pattern Redaction (Regex) lets you easily search and remove words or phrases that match a specific pattern in the text, such as phone numbers, emails, social security numbers, zip codes, or credit card information.

Regular Expression (or Regex for short) is a line of text that recognizes and locates patterns in text.

Get Started

  • Click Pattern/Regular Expression from the left Toolbar.
  • Select a pattern from the Pattern dropdown.
    • If you can not find the pattern you are looking for, add your own by clicking on the plus sign icon next to the dropdown. and Add New to create a new pattern. The new pattern will be saved and populated in the dropdown for all your future files.
  • If you have a reason for this redaction, click on the Select a reason dropdown to choose a pre-made reason or create a new reason.
  • You can select the color for each redaction by selecting the Color dropdown and selecting a color before redacting.
  • You can click on the Find Next button or Find Previous button Find Previous Icon to go through each pattern individually and click Redact to redact the chosen selection.
  • If you wish to redact all instances of the selected pattern, you can click on Redact All to redact all of the results.

PDF pattern redaction

  • Once satisfied with where your redaction boxes are, click from the Task List Panel or the Export button from the Shortcuts Bar to process/export your redactions.
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