How to merge media files into one using split screen feature


CaseGuard’s Split Screen feature merges up to 16 media files into one video for easier exporting, editing, or redacting. This feature is especially useful for merging multiple videos into one video of the same incident from different angles to ensure all Personally identifiable information is protected. Users can select from upto three templates to decide how their videos are displayed.

One use case for this feature would be if you have security footage from four different angles you need to combine it into one video to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request. Combining the four videos into one by using the Split Screen feature and performing redactions on one video instead of fpur will save time in redaction and export.

Additionally, users can add the audio file with closed captions of the 911 call with the footage of the incident in one split screen. Presenting the audio call alongside the crime scene is often praised by courts for enhancing transparency when introducing evidence.

Follow these steps to Split Screen Multiple Media Files!

  • Select the Redact an unlimited number of files with bulk processing. Bulk Processing Icon from the Shortcuts bar at the top of CaseGuard.
    • Users can also access Bulk Processing from the Get Started Window.
  • From the Bulk Processing window select the Operation drop-down and select Merge Media (Split Screen).
  • Click “Add Files.” The Windows File Explorer will open, select the media files you would like to split.
    • Add up to 16 images or videos.
  • Selected files will be displayed in the Merge Media (Split Screen) Window.
    • From the Split Screen window, you can left-click your mouse and drag any video to change the order your videos will be split.
    • Click the X in the top right of each file to remove it. You can also click the check box in the top left and select the Delete button at the bottom left of the window to delete multiple files at once.
    • Use the Search bar to search for a specific video file you added. The number in parenthesis is the total number of files added. 

Merge Media Add Files Image

  • Click “Next.”
  • Select a template to decide how you would like your final video to display all the added videos.
    • Template options available will change depending on the amount of videos added.

Select Template Split Screen Icon

  • Once selected, click “Next.”
  • Next, a preview of how your final Split Screen will appear.
    • Change the order of the videos by left-clicking and dragging the file where you would like.
    • Decide what videos you would like muted or unmuted by clicking the speaker in the bottom right of each video.

Merge Media Preview Image

  • After videos are rearranged to your disired poistion, click “Next.”
  • In the next window, optionally, add an additional audio to the background of your video by clicking Browse and selecting your audio file in the Windows File Explorer.
    • After adding the audio file additional options will appear, you can decide if you would like the audio to loop until the video ends and decide on a start position for the audio.

Can I add Audio in the background of a Split Screen Video?

  • After adding your audio click “Next” and the Split Screen Settings will appear.
    • If you have no audio files to add, click “Export.”  
    • From Settings, you can change the file name and export location of your video. 
    • Additionally, you can schedule your video to be processed at a specific time and date.
    • Lastly, you can change the resolution and frame rate of your video.

Split Screen Settings Image

Let’s see it in action!

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