Display Settings

To access CaseGuard Studio’s Display Settings, select Tools >Settings. The Settings popup contains 7 tabs, “Display” tab is one of them:

You can set your display and CaseGuard to match your workflow.

Within the General tab, you can customize settings for several things from how templates or information is displayed.

Show New & Open Project on Toolbar: Click to remove the icons for Create New Project, and Open Existing Project from the Shortcuts Bar.

Show Matching Points When Tracking:  This relates to Zoom Analysis redaction only. When using Zoom Analysis, part of the algorithm’s formula uses matching points to decipher what should be redacted, and what should not be, and processes that information multiple times over every frame in a given video. The picture below gives reference to where you can find these matching points being displayed.

CaseGuard settings matching points example

At the bottom center-left of the picture is a white line. This is where the matching information would display during the Zoom Analysis.

Show Computer IP Address in File Log: Select to display the IP address in the File Log. Please note, this will only remove the display of the IP Address, it will not remove its entry from a subsequent file report, or from the audit trail.

Stop Play When Adding Effects: Select to stop playback mode when adding new effects to your file.

Preferred Metric: Select to choose frame numbers or time as your preferred metric when working with video files.

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