Redaction for Media and Entertainment

Whether you’re responsible for redacting hundreds of thousands of hours of video and audio or a few documents, CaseGuard makes it easy for media professionals to automatically redact their files. Turn around video, audio, documents, and images in minutes, not hours.

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Redaction for Media and Entertainment

Created for Media and Entertainment workflows

CaseGuard has the tools you need to speed up your redaction workflow, all while protecting private information. Avoid embarrassing redaction failures while getting your work done more quickly and safely — all at an affordable price point.

Created for Media and Entertainment workflows

How Media Departments use CaseGuard

CaseGuard lightens your workload by automating complex redaction tasks. Every day, it’s used by media workers and records specialists to:

  • Redact confidential and sensitive files.
  • Automatically recognize profanity and redact it using our audio analysis algorithm
  • Automatically redact faces and individuals in any video or image.
  • Easily enhance footage to make important details stand out.
  • Strip files of sensitive metadata

Key Benefits

Get your time back. With CaseGuard, redaction and processing time disappears. That means you spend less time on redaction processes and more time on what you love.

Key Benefits

Automatically remove profanity

CaseGuard’s powerful audio analysis algorithm automatically recognizes and redacts profanity from audio and video files. That’s why media outlets around the world love to use it.

Powerful video redaction tools

Media outlets use CaseGuard to automatically redact thousands of objects from their videos in just a few clicks. CaseGuard makes redacting crowd shots with thousands of people, highway footage with fast-moving vehicles, and other tricky use cases a breeze.

Work with any file or video

Media outlets use CaseGuard to work with video footage, audio files, images, and PDFs from many sources and many formats. Designed to accept any file type for upload, CaseGuard makes it possible to redact even proprietary formats.

Increase productivity

Redacted media fast and easy. Our automatic redaction software speeds up redaction time, all while reducing redaction errors, and protecting sensitive information.

Run lists of phrases over and over

Define lists of keywords, phrases, and patterns of interest and run the list for automatic analysis on any PDF file. Best of all, you can set it up for handling sensitive or newsworthy data in moments.

OCR and non-OCR Support

CaseGuard supports optical character recognition (OCR) documents as well as non-OCR documents. This means non-OCR document can be converted into an editable PDF automatically by CaseGuard, saving conversion time and hassle.

Transcribe and translate

CaseGuard is used by Media outlets every day to automatically transcribe and translate audio (in both video and audio files) to text, recognizing multiple speakers in the audio. They use CaseGuard Studio’s tools to recognize 31 languages and even translate the transcript of your audio from one language to another and share it with the world.

Redact groups of documents and media

Save time and streamline your redaction workload by uploading all of your documents in one project to get started redacting automatically.

How CaseGuard works

Media professionals are able to redact tens of thousands of files everyday with CaseGuard. All it takes is four simple steps to start automatically redact sensitive information from your video, audio, document, and image files.

1. Create

1. Create

a project in CaseGuard Studio to store your files.

2. Add

2. Add

whatever video, audio, image, or PDF file you need to CaseGuard Project.

3. Redact

3. Redact

any type of file automatically in one click or customize your redaction manually.

4. Export

4. Export

redacted files immediately or schedule them for processing later.

Powering teams of media professionals every day

Powering teams of media professionals every day

Media and entertainment organizations worldwide rely upon CaseGuard to provide them the redaction capabilities they need to redact and secure private information. Find out why thousands of users love CaseGuard.

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