01. Get Started

This section provides an overview of CaseGuard Studio. With CaseGuard Studio, you can:

Redact everything

  • Let CaseGuard detect faces, license plates, and screens and then automatically redact them.
  • Import and edit everything from standard-definition footage from a body camera, cell phone, security camera, to 8k video.

Work faster, smarter

  • Add and assemble media clips with ease.
  • With a single click, mute, resample, and bleep sound clips.

Stay organized

  • Simplify your workflow by organizing your media clips into projects.

Add powerful effects

  • Add visual effects using any of the 27 built-in special effects, then adjust them with our powerful onscreen controls.
  • Enhance and scale images or footage.
  • Add closed captions and transcribe audio, without the need for an additional software service.
  • Translate transcripts and captions in up to 31 languages.
  • Add pro audio effects including resampling, bleeping, and muting.

Export and share everywhere

  • Export files in a variety of professional formats, including 3gp,avi, flv, mkv, mov, mp4, mpg, mta, ts, vob, wmv, and many more.
  • Batch export multiple projects, clips, and files at the same time.
  • Export still images, image sequences, videos, audio, and PDFs.

Get Started

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