01. Get Started

Before you begin your first redaction project in CaseGuard Studio, there are a number of factors to consider. CaseGuard Studio is a windows application that will enable you both to redact and enhance any audio, video, image, or document file of your choosing. On top of this, all work that you do within the software will be stored locally on your own machine,  meaning no one else will be able to access your work besides you. With all this being said, consider the following elements when working within the software.

System Requirements 

  • Visit our System Requirements page to learn more about the minimum specifications that you need to run CaseGuard Studio in an efficient manner.

Legal Disclaimer

  • Our Legal Disclaimer will provide you with basic information regarding liability with respect to the use and reproduction of CaseGuard Studio.


  • Learn more about the steps you need to follow when downloading CaseGuard Studio for the first time via our Installation page, be it for online or offline use. 

CaseGuard Workflow

  • While there is no single workflow that must be followed when using the system, the CaseGuard Workflow page contains specific recommendations that we feel will make your job that much easier when looking to work on a file. 

CaseGuard Updates 

  • Whenever new updates to our software become available, you can visit the CaseGuard Updates page to download them onto your own machine. 

CaseGuard Workspace

  • The CaseGuard Workspace page will provide you with a general overview of the various manual and automatic tools that can be used to edit files within the system, in addition to the panels that will allow you to leverage these tools.


Get Started

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