How to Anonymize Documents in The Watcher


Anonymizing Documents is an advanced capability within CaseGuard Studio. It’s an added operation integrated within the redaction software to enhance the workflow for users looking to go the extra step to anonymize their documents.

Within The Watcher, it is possible to Anonymize unlimited documents instantly! While it is important to first set up the Watcher by setting the operation as Anonymize and adding a Prefix to organize document types better. Once set, you are able to add documents to the Watcher forever without needing to change anything. This will result in the immediate export of your document without any manual work.

The Anonymize Document operation within The Watcher is particularly useful for clients with the need to remove unconscious bias as a recruiter. Adding a large number of Resumes to the Watcher set with the Prefix “Sales Resume” will export them with a Prefix with a random number assigned. The final result would be “Sales Resume 1.” Applying the Anonymize Documents operations with the AI image Analysis feature in the Watcher will remove all Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as Faces of Applicants from the Resumes.

For those who prefer visual learning this YouTube video will help you Anonymize Documents in The Watcher, alongside performing other AI Redactions. 

Follow the steps to Anonymize Documents using the Watcher!

  • Click the “Watcher” tab on the right side of the screen. Click to pin the Watcher tab.
  • Click Add Folder to Watch icon   to set up the Watcher.

  • The CaseGuard Watcher window will pop up.
  • Add a Watcher Name.
  • Click “Browse” to add a folder to watch. This is the folder where all documents that need to be redacted will be input.
  • Click “Browse” to add an Output folder. This folder will contain all exported files after the Watcher processes and redacts the documents from the Watch folder.
  • To save history files of your operations in your Output folder, Select the “Keep history files for manual review” checkbox.
  • In the Operation dropdown, select “Redact Document.

  • Then,  click “Addand select the “Anonymize Documents” checkbox.

  • You have the option in the “Prefix” text field to add a prefix to anonymized file names once processed.
  • Checking the “Add anonymized files name” checkbox will add the anonymized name at the top of the documents allowing the user to open each anonymized document and view the anonymized name at the top.
  • Click “Apply” and then “Save.”
  • Your Watcher should now appear in the Watcher panel.

  • Under the Watcher progress bar, you have the option to open the settings , delete , or pause  the Watcher.
    • The settings icon will open up the Watcher window.
    • Delete  will completely delete the selected Watcher.
    • Pause will pause the Watcher operation.
  • The process will begin automatically if your files are already in the watch folder, otherwise, click the “Open Input Folder” icon and insert the files you need redacted.
  • Once complete, your files will have randomized file names applied and will be exported to your desired output folder. You can access your output folder by clicking “Open Output Folder” in the Watcher or through your File Explorer.
  • Additionally, you should be able to compare randomized filenames with their original filenames in the anonymization report within the Print Reports menu.

Let’s see it in Action!

Watcher Anonymization Setup

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