How are enhancement effects useful when redacting a video?

In CaseGuard Studio, you can choose from 30+ enhancement effects that can aid in concealing or clearer objects within a Video. Each effect has an intuitive slider that gives users full control over the intensity of the effect being applied. A higher intensity of blur is needed for objects closer to the camera, while a higher intensity of the magnifying effect may be used for objects further away from the camera.

Each Licence comes with all the different Enhancement Effects which can be stacked on top of each other to better hide or visualize an object within a video. For example, Investigators use CaseGuard’s enhancement effects to sharpen and magnify blurry or dark videos which have helped in solving crimes!


CaseGuard has 4 different shapes available for redactions.

  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Elispe
  • Diamond

Select the shape you would like to use for your redaction from the Tool Properties Panel.

Manual Detection Shapes Image

Effects Overview

CaseGuard has 31 different effects to use for redactions.

Adaptive Blur

Applies a varying degree of blurriness to different parts of the image, based on the local contrast, resulting in a smoother appearance.

Adaptive Bur Effect Image


Softens the image by reducing sharpness, often used to obscure details or reduce noise.

Blur effect Image


Converts portions of the image into larger pixel blocks, effectively obscuring details.

Pixelate Effect image


Fills selected areas with a solid color, concealing the original content.

Filled effect Image

Adaptive Equalizer

Enhances contrast and detail in specific regions of the image for a more balanced appearance.

Adaptive Equalizer Image

Add Color

Introduces color to specific areas, useful for highlighting or adding emphasis.

Add Color Effect Image


Adds a border around the selected region, separating it from the rest of the content.

Border Effect Image


Detects edges in the image, creating an outline-like effect.

Canny Effect Image

Color Correction

Adjusts the overall color balance of the image to improve visual quality.

Color Correction effect

Color Equalizer

Balances colors within the image, enhancing overall color distribution.

Color Equalizer Effect Image


Adjusts the difference between light and dark areas, enhancing visual definition.

Contrast Effect Image


Reduces noise and graininess in the image, resulting in a smoother appearance.

Denoise Effect Image


Expands the selected area, often used to make objects bolder or more prominent.

Dilate Effect Image


Enhances the edges of objects, making them more distinct.

Edge Effect Image


Adds a three-dimensional appearance by emphasizing raised and recessed areas.

Emboss Effect Image

Enhance Details

Increases clarity and sharpness of image details.

Enhance Details effect image


Shrinks the selected area, often used to refine object shapes.

Erode Effects Image

Flip Horizontally

Flips the image horizontally along its vertical axis.

Flip Horizontally effect Image

Flip Vertically

Flips the image vertically along its horizontal axis.

Flip Vertically Effect Image

Gaussian Blur

Applies a specific type of blur that creates a soft, smooth appearance.

Gaussian Blur Effect Image

Gray Scale

Converts the image to grayscale, removing color information.

Gray Scale Effect Image


Fills in selected areas with content that matches the surrounding region, effectively removing unwanted elements.

Inpaint Effect Image

Invert Colors

Reverses the color values in the image.

Invert Colors Image


Enlarges a specific area of the image for closer inspection.

Magnify Effect Image

Median Blur

Applies blur by calculating the median value of pixels, reducing noise and preserving edges.

Median Blur Effect Image


Rotates the image by a specified angle.

Rotate Effect Image

Remaining Color

Removes all colors except for a specific color range.

Remaining Color Effect Image


Increases the contrast at the edges of objects, enhancing overall image sharpness.

Sharpen effect Image

Smart Magnifier

Enlarges selected areas while maintaining clarity and detail.

Smart Magnifier Image

Subtract Color

Removes a specific color range from the image.

Subtract Color Image


Adds text to the image, useful for annotations or watermarks.

Text Effect Image


Overlays the image with a transparent watermark, often used for branding or copyright protection.

WaterMark Preview Image

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