Player Controls


Player Controls

When it comes to working with media files in CaseGuard, these intuitive controls empower you to navigate frames, adjust playback speed, and manage audio, among other vital tasks for precision editing and redaction.

Player timeline Image

Main Player Controls (A):

  • Step Back 10 Frames: 10 Frames back Click this icon to move backward 10 frames at a time for precise review.
  • Step Back 1 Frame: 1 frame back Click this icon to move backward 1 frame for a more precise review.
  • Play: PLAY Click the play icon to smooth playback and view your media footage. You can also use your spacebar to play and pause the file anytime.
  • Step Forward 10 Frames: Forward 10 frames Click this icon to progress forward 10 frames at a time for detailed inspection.
  • Step Forward 1 Frame: Forward 1 frame
Click this icon to move forward 1 frame for a more precise review.
  • Time and Frame Indicators: These display the current time Time counter Image (in milliseconds) and the current frame Frame Numbers Image over the total time and frames of your media file.
  • Speed Adjustment: Use this feature Speed controls Image to modify the playback speed of the video. The default setting is 30 frames per second.
  • Mute Speakers: Click this icon Mute icon to mute audio playback from the speakers.
  • Volume Control: Slide this Volume Controls Image to adjust the video’s volume to your preferred level.
  • Jump to Previous Effects: Click this icon Jump Effects to jump to the previous blocks of effects applied to your file.
  • Jump to Next Effects: Click this icon Jump Effects to navigate to the next blocks of effects in your file.
  • Audio Timeline Options: These tools allow you to zoom in Zoom In, zoom outZoom out, and show/hide the Audio Timeline Audio Timeline for enhanced audio editing.

Player Timeline (B):

  • The Player Timeline allows you to navigate through your media files using various methods:
    • Utilize your left and right keyboard arrows for frame-by-frame navigation.
    • Employ the player controls, such as “Step Forward 10 Frames” and “Step Forward 1 Frame,” for efficient maneuvering.
    • Click directly on the timeline to access specific areas of the video.

Effect Timeline (C):

  • The Effect Timeline becomes visible and dynamic when you apply any effect to your file.
  • Before adding effects, the Effect Timeline appears as a dark gray bar above the Player Timeline.

Player timeline

  • After applying effects, orange markers appear above the timeline, indicating the work done on specific frames. The height of the orange line corresponds to the extent of the effects applied to each frame.

Player timeline

  • We recommend thoroughly reviewing your file to ensure that redactions have been successfully applied to all relevant objects.

By utilizing CaseGuard’s Player Controls effectively, you gain precise control over your media playback, enabling smooth and accurate editing and redaction of your files.