Crop Video

How to crop a video

  • Select the Crop Tool in the Toolbar.
    • When you select the Cropping Tool, you’ll notice that a box below the Player Controls will produce prompts with an X, Y, Width, and Height. The Crop Tool treats the video screen as if it were on an X and Y-axis. It does this because it links the X and Y data to width and height as a way to verify what has been cropped from the original video.
      • The reason this data is captured is so that it is part of the Audit Trail for the file. CaseGuard logs all work performed on your files automatically.
  • Select the section of the video you want to crop from the Workspace Viewer.
  • Select Crop Video from the Tool Properties Panel.
  • Click Process from the Shortcuts Bar or from the Task List Panel to process the file. Please note that you do not need to Click Process after every single edit you do. Instead, click it after you have made all of your adjustments and redactions.

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