How to crop videos within CaseGuard Studio


How to crop videos within CaseGuard Studio


The Crop tool enhances user workflow by aiding in the highlighting of a specific part of a video. Cropping specific frames will help add focus to busy videos that may have evidential

For an investigator needing to only crop a specific section of a video where the suspect is, Crop can quickly add focus for easy identification of the suspect.

Follow the Steps to Crop Videos in CaseGuard!

  • Add a video to your project and then click the “Video Tools” button from the Left toolbar
  • Click the “Crop” Tool from the video tools drop-down.
  • The custom Tool Properties Panel will appear at the bottom of the screen with options for Crop. 
    • The Crop Tool treats the video screen with an X and Y-axis approach, linking X and Y data to width and height.

How To crop a Video within CaseGuard

  • From the Video, choose the specific section you wish to Crop. Left-click, hold and drag to Crop the section of the video needed.
    • The display prompts for X, Y, Width, and Height will update based on where the Crop was drawn.

Crop Tool Image

  • When the Crop is to your liking, click “Crop” in the Tool Properties Panel.
  • When your cropping adjustments are complete, click the “Export” button from the Shortcuts Bar or the Task List Panel.
    • Use the crop tool before doing redactions then export. Apply the redactions to the exported cropped file.

Let’s see it in Action! 

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