Redaction for Healthcare

Spend more time focusing on your patients and less time handling their paperwork. With CaseGuard, you can redact sensitive healthcare information faster than ever, while still maintaining privacy requirements. Turn around video, audio, documents, and images in minutes, not hours. Save time. Stay compliant.

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Built with powerful tools for healthcare providers

Need to have physicians and administrators involved in your redaction process? You can. CaseGuard has the tools you need to facilitate discussions and speed up your workflow, all while protecting patient information.

Built with powerful tools for healthcare providers

How CaseGuard helps Healthcare Providers

Designed with simplicity and speed in mind, CaseGuard makes redaction painless for healthcare providers. Every day, it’s used by physicians, administrators, and records specialists to:

  • Redact medical records.
  • Remove protected health information (PHI), biometric data, and personally identifiable information (PII) automatically.
  • Comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA).
  • Redact in-progress and completed claims.
  • Redact footage and audio from security cameras.
  • Redact video footage from lab experiments.
  • Redact video footage from telemedicine consultations.
  • Redact data from research studies and clinical trials.
CaseGuard for Healthcare

Key Benefits

Get your time back. With CaseGuard, redaction, and processing time melts away. CaseGuard’s intuitive interface and powerful tools make redacting even the most complex file a breeze.

Key Benefits

Improve HIPPA Compliance

Protecting your PHI doesn’t have to be hard. Whether you need to redact medical records or de-identify PHI from a research study or clinical trial, CaseGuard’s powerful and easy to use product can help you.

Increase productivity

Redacted media fast and easy. Speed up reaction time, reduce redaction errors, and protecting patient information in a few clicks.

Work with any file or video

CaseGuard is designed to accept any file type for upload. You can work with video footage, audio files, images, and PDFs. Have a proprietary video or audio format? No problem. CaseGuard can handle it.

A complete redaction solution

Packaged as a complete solution, CaseGuard lets healthcare providers manage their redaction needs in one place with one software. CaseGuard has everything a healthcare provider needs to redact video, audio, image, and PDF files in a secure and efficient way

OCR and non-OCR support

Healthcare providers work with a lot of documents. That’s why CaseGuard supports optical character recognition (OCR) documents as well as non-OCR documents. This means your non-OCR document can be converted into an editable PDF automatically by CaseGuard, saving you conversion time and hassle.

Transcribe and translate

Working in multiple languages? No worries. CaseGuard can automatically transcribe and translate audio (in both video and audio files) to text, recognizing multiple speakers in the audio. CaseGuard’s tools can recognize 31 languages and even translate the transcript of your audio from one language to another.

Secure workflows

Worried about losing track of your files or accidentally deleting sensitive information? You don’t have to. CaseGuard uses non-destructive editing, so your original files are never at risk of deletion. Best of all, all work you do is logged in a tamper-proof audit trail.

Bulk Redact documents and media files

Healthcare providers are busy enough. Now you can save time by uploading all of your documents in one project and start redacting them automatically with our bulk redaction tools.

Customizable reports and coding

Make governance visible. Easily tag text, images, and more. Then, apply existing or custom redaction codes to appear over your redaction marks.

Built for clinical and medical needs

CaseGuard Watcher for clinical and medical Use

Redact all medical records automatically and accurately. Drop any file in a folder and CaseGuard will automatically produce a redacted version of it with zero additional steps from you. In moments, CaseGuard will redact faces from video or images;  mute, bleep or resample all of your files with audio and even remove specific private information; and redact PHI and other private information from any PDF document.

Select folder
Select folder

Select what folder you want CaseGuard to watch.

Setup redaction
Setup redaction

Decide what you want to redact. Select faces, license plates, papers, vehicles, people, screens, mute private information from audio, or redact PDFs.

Select where to output
Select where to output

Select what folder you want CaseGuard Studio to save your processed redacted version of the files.

CaseGuard Watcher for clinical and medical Use
Automatically redact paper objects in video. Seriously.
Our newest feature

Automatically redact paper objects in video. Seriously.

Our algorithms are trained to detect and redact paper documents in video footage and photographs automatically. Have a sensitive file in your footage or an entire pile? No problem. CaseGuard has you covered.

The redaction software of choice for busy healthcare professionals

CaseGuard provides healthcare organizations around the world with the redaction capabilities they need to manage PHI. Join thousands of satisfied users today.

The redaction software of choice for busy healthcare professionals

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