Audio Settings

To access CaseGuard Studio’s Audio Settings, select Tools –>Settings. The CaseGuard Studio Settings popup contains 9 tabs, one of which is the “Audio” tab:

When editing audio files using CaseGuard Studio, there are a number of settings that you can configure to meet the particular needs of you or your agency.


Use older audio encoders

If you are working with older audio recorders, such as Sony’s IC Recorder, we recommend selecting the Use older audio encoders option within the “Audio” tab. This will ensure your audio is handled properly by CaseGuard Studio.

Standardize audio files automatically

We also recommend that you standardize audio files automatically when using the software.

Convert audio files to MP3 automatically

We recommend that you convert audio files to MP3 automatically when using the software.

Bleep tone Level

Adjust the tone of the bleep in audio redaction mode by dragging the Bleep Tone Level slider to your desired setting.

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