Image – AI Automatic Image Redaction

Learn more about redacting images automatically and manually using CaseGuard Studio in only a few simple steps.

  1. Click on the Manual Detection button within the Toolbar. 
  2. Select the redaction shape and effect combination of your liking. Use the level bar within the Manual Detection panel to adjust the level to which the visual effect is applied to your redaction shape. 
  3. If you are looking to redact an album of images, click on the Create Album button within the Shortcuts bar. This will then open the Create Album pop-up within the system. To add image files to your photo album, click on the Add button within the pop-up window. When you are done adding your images to the photo album, click Save to finalize the changes. You will then see your new photo album within the Project Files panel.
  4. If you want to automatically redact certain objects within your images, such as faces or license plates, among other things, click the AI Detection button within the Toolbar. This will then open the AI Automatic Detection pop-up.
  5. From within this pop-up, select the specific objects you would like to redact from your photos. Click the Next button to select your redaction shape and effect combination. After hitting the Next button for a second time, you can click the Apply button within the pop-up to begin the automatic image redaction process.
  6. When the process has been completed, you can click the Export button in the right-hand corner of the system. This will take you to the Export Options pop-up. Within this pop-up, you can click the Export button once again to begin the expiration process.
  7. Once the exportation process has been completed, you can click on your newly redacted image files within the Project Files panel, and then use the media player to observe the images for your own review. 

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