Transcription Settings

To access CaseGuard Studio’s Transcription Settings, select Tools –>Settings. The CaseGuard Studio Settings popup contains 9 tabs, one of which is the “Transcription” tab:

When transcribing files using CaseGuard Studio, there are a number of settings that you can configure to meet the particular needs of you or your agency. For reference, the software supports 37 languages for transcription, as well as 54 languages for translation.


Within the Transcription Settings, you can:

  • Set your preferred Transcription File Format to MP3 or WAV file.
  • Replace muted transcriptions.
  • Replace bleeped transcriptions.
  • Select your Transcription Region.

Replacing muted or bleeped transcriptions

  • Replace your muted transcription with one of the following text indicators:
    •  [Bleep]
    •  [Redacted]
    •  [*******]
    • [Remove]

For example, say your unmuted text read:

Sarah lives at 123 Briony Lane in El Paso.

If you wanted Sarah’s address to say [Redacted] in the transcript, you would Select > Redacted in the dropdown menu.

The resulting text would then read:

Sarah lives at [Redacted] in El Paso.

You can also replace your bleeped transcription with one of the following text indicators:

  • [Bleep]
  • [Redacted]
  • [*******]
  • [Remove]

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