Add a Watermark

Add a watermark

  • Open the Pages Panel.
  • Click to open the Add Watermark popup.
  • Select the watermark settings you want to add to your file. You are able to:
    • Create and save your watermark settings.
    • Apply your watermark to some or all of you pages.
    • Change the font, size, background color, background opacity, boldness, italicization, and underline style of your font.
    • Change the appearance of your watermark, including it’s position, scale, opacity, and location above or behind a page.
    • Alter the position of the watermark.
    • Preview your watermark.

CaseGuard add watermark

  • After adjusting your settings to your liking, click OK.
  • Click Process from the Shortcuts Bar or from the Task List Panel to process the file. Your Watermark will be applied to your document after processing.

CaseGuard processed watermark

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