How Can I Convert File Types for Better Compatibility?


How Can I Convert File Types for Better Compatibility?


When I try to add my video files to CaseGuard I receive an error message that says “Convert to standard format failed.” This issue is caused by this file not being supported by CaseGuard. Converting the file to a supported file format may fix the issue. Please also see How to troubleshoot adding files to CaseGuard.

Follow these steps to convert your file with VLC!

  • In the Windows search bar type “VLC” and click the first option that appears.
    • If VLC does not appear you will need to install it from the official VLC website or use a different converter.


  • After clicking the VLC icon the VLC app will open.
  • In the top left of VLC click “Media” -> “Convert/Save.”


  • An “Open Media” window will open, in this window click “Add.”


  • The Windows files explorer will open, select the files you would like to convert and click “Open.”
  • After you add your files they will appear in the File Selection section. Once they all show up here click “Convert/Save.”
  • A Convert window will open, click the “Profile” drop-down to select the format you would like to convert the file to.
  • Select “Browse” to choose where you would like to save the converted file.


  • Once you have selected everything, select “Start” to begin the conversion. When the file is finished converting it will saved to the location you specified.

You can now add your converted file to CaseGuard! If you are still having issues please contact [email protected].