Screen Recorder settings


Screen Recorder settings

To access CaseGuard Studio’s Screen Recorder Settings, select Tools –>Settings. The settings popup contains 14 tabs, one of which is the “Screen Recorder” tab.

CaseGuard Studio includes a built-in screen recorder to make recording your screen easy. CaseGuard Studio settings include several different options to set up the Screen Record the way you want it.


Start Delay _ milliseconds

You have the option to delay the start of recording with the Start Delay setting. This option gives you time to prepare after beginning your recording.

Capture Duration _ seconds

This option allows you to choose how long you would like the recorded duration of the video to be.

Minimize to _

The three minimize options allow you to choose if you want the screen recorder window to minimize when the recording starts, minimize to the system tray when starting the recorder, and minimize to the system tray when closing. These options allow you to use the recorder quickly and easily, also keeping it out of your recording.

Show System Tray Notifications

This option shows you a notification from the System Tray. This will show anytime a recording or screenshot is saved using the CaseGuard Screen Recorder.

Copy the Output file path to Clipboard

This option will automatically copy the recording or screenshot taken with the CaseGuard Screen Recorder for easy and quick sending.

Always on Top

This will make the CaseGuard Screen Recorder always stay on top of every window.

Hide on Full-Screen Screenshot

This option will automatically hide the recorder when you take a screenshot of your screen with CaseGuard Recorder.

Playback recorded audio in real-time

This option will play the audio you are recording with CaseGuard Screen Recorder back through your speakers so that you can hear how you sound while recording.

Remove FPS limit

This will remove the automatic frame rate limit CaseGuard Recorder puts on video.


You have the option to customize your GIFs by deciding if they should have a variable frame rate and determining the frequency of their repetition. This allows you to tailor the animation speed and loop frequency to suit your specific needs or preferences.


This section allows you to choose where you want screenshots saved, and the image format of the screenshots.

Screenshot Transforms

This allows you to have CaseGuard automatically resize, flip, and rotate any screenshot you take using CaseGuard Screen Recorder.



This option allows you to add overlays to your CaseGuard Screen Recorder. These will show up whenever you record a video using CaseGuard Screen Recorder.