Tools Library

CaseGuard uses a docked, panel-based interface called a Workspace. The Workspace adapts to accommodate different working styles and to the tasks, you need to perform. You will do most of your redaction work in the panels of the workspace.

Each panel has its own set of tools, many of which are designed to perform a single specific task useful during the editing process.

In this section, we’ll cover each type of tool available in CaseGuard Studio.

  1. Shortcuts Bar
  2. Toolbar
    1. View
    2. Transform
    3. Video
    4. Audio
  3. Project Files
  4. Task List
  5. Player Controls
  6. Object Detection
  7. Transcription
  8. Translation
  9. Analytics
  10. File Log / Chain of Custody
  11. File Information
  12. Processing Information

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