How to redact audio in the watcher instantly


The Automatic Audio Redaction feature identifies 32 categories of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) which can be redacted within a few clicks. Applying AI Audio within the Watcher effectively streamlines the redaction workflow for user interested in detecting and redacting the same PII from hundreds of audio files.

For example, a call center with thousands of hours of recorded customer service calls that need to be used for training purposes. Once the Watcher is set up to redact the specific PII (names, emails, phone numbers etc.), the recordings can be added to the input folder and they will be automatically processed.  The fully redacted audio will be added to a new folder, free of any manual work or revision!

For those who prefer visual learning this YouTube video will guide you through how to redact PII from audio files in The Watcher. 

Follow the steps to Redact using Automatic Audio Redaction in The Watcher!

  • Click the “Watcher” Watcher Eye Icon icon on the right side of the screen to pin The Watcher panel.
  • Click Add Folder to Watch icon   to set up the Watcher.

Add Folder to Watcher Panel

  • The CaseGuard Watcher window will pop up.

Add the watcher name, input and output folders, and select the audio operation.

  • Add a Watcher Name.
  • Click “Browse” to add a Folder to Watch. This is the folder where all audio files that need to be redacted will be added.
  • Click “Browse” to add an Output folder. This folder will contain all exported files after the Watcher processes and redacts the audio files from the Watch folder.
  • To save history files of your operations in your Output folder, select the “Keep history files for manual review” checkbox.
  • In the Operation dropdown, select “Redact Audio.
  • Select what the Spoken Language of the audio file is.
    • If there are multiple languages, click “Detect & Transcribe Multiple Languages.”
    • If you do not know the language the file is spoken in, click “Detect Language.”
  • Click on the “What to Detect” dropdown and check one or more detection items from the list.

Select PII to be redacted automatically in the Watcher.

  • Click “Apply” then “Save.”
  • Your Watcher should now appear in the Watcher panel.

Watcher Audio

  • Under the Watcher progress bar, you have the option to open the settings , delete , or pause  the Watcher.
  • The settings icon will open up the Watcher window.
  • Delete  will completely delete the selected Watcher.
  • Pause will pause the Watcher operation.
  • The process will begin automatically if your audio files are already in the watch folder, otherwise, click the “Open Input Folder” icon and insert the files you wish to be processed.
  • Once complete, your files will have the desired PII redacted and they will be exported to your output folder. You can access your output folder by clicking “Open Output Folder” in the Watcher.
  • When you need to use The Watcher again, there is no need to open CaseGuard. Just add new files to the Input Folder and the operations applied to that Watcher will begin. The completed audio files will then appear in the Output Folder.

Let’s see it in Action!

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