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Protect privacy when handling evidence. Save time. Stay compliant. With CaseGuard, you can redact sensitive private information faster than ever, while maintaining legal requirements. Turn around video, audio, documents, and images in minutes, not hours.

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Why Legal Providers choose CaseGuard

Every day, Legal Departments throughout the globe are required to redact huge volumes of media quickly and accurately. CaseGuard enables legal departments to do this. Its simple workflows, intuitive interface, and powerful tools make it easier to turnaround files in less time and at an attractive price point.

Why Legal Providers choose CaseGuard

How CaseGuard helps Legal Departments

Every day, CaseGuard is used by attorneys, paralegals, and records specialists to:

  • Automatically remove privileged or confidential information.
  • Redact responsive and potentially responsive documents as part of a legal review.
  • Comply with regulations, like GDPR, NARA, and FOIA.
  • Redact business records and financial statements.
  • Redact video, audio, documents, and images for evidentiary purposes.

Key Benefits

Complying with privacy regulations has never been easier. CaseGuard’s redaction tools remove all sensitive information and metadata in just a few clicks — meaning your documents and media files are truly redacted.

Key Benefits

One-click Removal

Easily strike sensitive identifiers, like social security numbers, financial account numbers, names, dates, and addresses in all of your documents in a click.

Increase productivity

Wrap up cases faster. Speed up review and redaction time while reducing errors, and protecting sensitive information. In seconds, approve redactions and make whatever changes you need.

OCR and non-OCR Support

Legal providers deal with huge amounts of documents. That’s why CaseGuard supports optical character recognition (OCR) documents as well as non-OCR documents. This means your non-OCR document can be converted into an editable PDF automatically by CaseGuard, saving your conversion time and hassle.

Secure Workflows

Worried about losing track of your files or accidentally deleting sensitive information? You don’t have to. CaseGuard uses nondestructive editing so your original files are never at risk of deletion. Best of all, all work you do is logged in a tamper-proof audit trail. Entering evidence has never been easier.

Customizable reports and coding

Make governance and your decision-making visible. Easily tag text, images, and more. Then, apply existing or custom redaction codes to appear over your redaction marks.

Run lists of phrases over and over

Define lists of keywords, phrases, and patterns of interest and run the list for automatic analysis on any PDF file. Set it up for handling U.S. FOIA, U.S. Privacy Act redactions, and more. You can even customize a list of keywords to run to fit your case workflow.

Bulk Redaction for Legal Providers

Automatic Bulk Redaction. Export and share anytime anywhere.

Automate repetitive redaction tasks for all of your media files. With CaseGuard’s Bulk Redaction tool, you can redact thousands of images and pages and hours of audio and video automatically with a few clicks.

Bulk Document Redaction
Bulk Document Redaction

Attorneys, paralegals, and records specialists providers use our automatic document analysis tools to find and redact sensitive information from thousands of evidence files in few clicks.

Bulk Image Redaction
Bulk Image Redaction

Redact thousands of images at once. Attorneys, paralegals, and records specialists use CaseGuard to redact faces, people, vehicles, license plates, and screens from image evidence instantly.

Bulk Video Redaction
Bulk Video Redaction

Before presenting in court, or handing off files to any third party, automatically redact sensitive information in a matter of moments from any of your video files.

Bulk Audio Redaction
Bulk Audio Redaction

Lawyers around the world use CaseGuard to automatically redact identifying information, such as names and dates from their audio files in seconds.

Automatic Bulk Redaction. Export and share anytime anywhere.
Trusted by busy legal organizations everywhere

Trusted by busy legal organizations everywhere

CaseGuard provides legal organizations around the world with the redaction capabilities they need to redact and secure sensitive information for whatever case. Join thousands of happy users today.

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