General Settings

To access CaseGuard Studio’s General Settings, select Tools >Settings. The Settings popup contains 7 tabs, “General” tab is one of them:

CaseGuard's General Settings Popup

General Settings tells you:
  • The status of your license: the writing found in green will acknowledge the license that is currently logged in, and provide the date and time of expiration.

In the General Settings tab, you can change your:

  • Agency Name
  • Agency Logo
  • Storage Folder
  • Language

Agency Logo

  • Click the Change Button for the Agency Logo prompt
  • A window will pop up and ask you to select where you want to choose a logo from. If your folders have not been defined in CaseGuard Studio, you may have to manually search for the appropriate folder and file to select for this.
  • Select the logo you want to upload. The file’s folder path will be recorded in the Agency Logo prompt of the settings tab.
  • Click Save.
  • Your logo will now be saved, and ultimately applied to all reports, documents, and other necessary prompts in CaseGuard Studio.

Storage Folder

This is where project folders and their respective files all reside. Select the Change Button to change where this directory resides.


Caseguard supports 28 languages and localizations. Select your preferred language in the dropdown and clicking Save.

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