05. Video Redaction

Redacting a video means removing (blurring or pixelating) any identifying features or personal information from individuals or objects. This includes blurring out faces, tattoos, addresses, license plate numbers, computer screens, and other sensitive information that may be captured on video. It can also mean removing (by muting or bleeping) any audio within a video that states private information like names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. test test.

CaseGuard Studio has a suite of tools that were designed specifically to help you with any redaction needs you might have quickly and effectively.

Redact video

You can redact any video in CaseGuard studio using one of three modes:

Apply effects

  • Apply multiple effects to multiple objects in any video, including color filtering, color enhancement, pixelation, blurring, etc. to get the look your want.

Edit your project

Extract audio and images

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