Video Redaction


Video Redaction

Redacting a video means removing (blurring or pixelating) any identifying features or personal information from individuals or objects. This includes blurring out faces, tattoos, addresses, license plate numbers, computer screens, and other sensitive information that may be captured on video. It can also mean removing (by muting or bleeping) any audio within a video that contains private information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Within CaseGuard, users can perform both digital and audio redactions simultaneously!

CaseGuard Studio has a suite of tools designed to speed up the video redaction process. With the combination of both manual and automatic video redaction tools, users have saved hundreds of hours trying to redact objects such as faces and license plates frame by frame. A 15-minute video recording of a body-worn camera or a school security camera can be redacted within minutes using CaseGuard’s video redaction tools!

Redact video

You can redact any video in CaseGuard studio using one of three modes:

    • Manual Redaction
      • Draw an effect on the object you would like to redact. This option is best for shorter videos or specific objects that cannot be automatically redacted.
    • Object Tracking
      • A manual redaction feature that tracks and follows the movement of an object that you have selected by drawing a shape over it, whether it’s a face, a sign, or any other identifiable object.
    • Automatic Detection
      • An advanced feature that enhances the workflow of users by using AI Automatic Redaction to instantly redact any of the nine objects available in CaseGuard.

Apply effects

  • Apply multiple effects to objects in any video, including color filtering, color enhancement, pixelation, blurring, and more, based on your redaction needs. Adding effects is an added benefit for users looking to enhance, rather than remove identifiable information from videos.

Edit your project

  • Speed up the redaction workflow by editing your video footage!
    • Cut Media: Remove all footage except the selected portion
    • Drop Segments: Drop unnecessary footage to speed up export with redactions.
    • Change Speed: Increase or Decrease video speed to redact busy footage effectively
    • Crop: Video to get the right video dimensions.
    • Take Snapshots: Screenshot important parts of the video
    • Rotate any part of your video.
    • Add or adjust audio effects including mute, resample, and bleep.

Extract audio and images

  • Extract audio from any video file and save it in the format you want.
  • Extract images from any video file.

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