CaseGuard Updates

If you purchased CaseGuard Studio from CaseGuard, updates will be installed automatically! As new features become available, they are rolled out to all subscribers.

Who gets new features?

All new features are included for free as part of your CaseGuard studio subscription.

How do I get new features?

You will get them automatically as they are rolled out.

When will new features arrive in my version of CaseGuard Studio?

We don’t have an exact schedule when updates occur because it can vary. Many updates can happen over a few months! However, when new features are available, they will download automatically if you have CaseGuard Studio.

How can I learn more about CaseGuard updates?

From time to time, we post on CaseGuard’s website about ou updates. You can also follow the @CaseGuards Twitter on social media to hear about new features and updates.

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