Shortcuts Bar

CaseGuard’s Shortcut Bar makes it easy for you to quickly run commands, perform key tasks, and check the status of your files. It’s preconfigured to include commonly used shortcuts, so you can start working immediately.

Navigating the Shortcuts Bar in CaseGuard

(Create) New Project: Create and set up your redaction project.

Open (Existing) Project: Locate an existing project.

Add Files (to a Project): Add Media or Document Files to a Project. There is no limit to the amount of files that can be added to a project.

Save (changes made to your file): Save your work after applying edits or redactions to your project.

Create AlbumAdd Images to an Album to Bulk Redact at once.

Redaction Pool Collaborate with your team on a Redaction Project.

Bulk Processing: Redact Multiple Media or Document Files at once.

Download from Social Media: Download files from YouTube, Vimeo, or Rumble into CaseGuard by simply adding the URL of the video.

Screen Recorder: Record your Screen within CaseGuard.

Diagnostic Icon Diagnostic Reports: Find any Error Messages you come across, and share them with the CaseGuard team to help enhance your working experience.

Print Reports: Generate Automated Reports upon applying Redactions.

Scheduled Tasks: View the status of all Tasks processed within CaseGuard.

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