What is transcription?

To get a transcript of your audio to enable redaction, our system uses a deep learning process called automatic speech recognition to convert audio to text quickly.

Get started

CaseGuard automatic transcription step one

  • The Add Automatic Transcription popup will appear, showing transcription settings including Spoken Language, Speakers Identification, and Number of Speakers.
  • Enter information about your audio file.

CaseGuard automatic transcription step two

  • As your transcript transcribes, the Transcription Panel will update to show you the progress of the transcription.
  • Once the transcription is complete,  a transcript will appear in the Transcription Panel.

Tip: Depending on the length of your file, Automatic Transcription can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 1 hour to finish. Once you add automatic transcription, check scheduled tasks (View > View Scheduled tasks) to see the progress of the transcription.

CaseGuard automatic transcription step three

  • You can play the media file and listen to the audio as you read the transcript.
    • Optionally, search for words via the Transcription Panel search bar located at the top of the transcript.
    • Optionally, click on any transcribed word or phrase to jump to that portion of the audio.
    • Optionally, consider burning captions of the transcript to your file.
  • If your transcript has errors, highlight the part of the transcript you would like to edit. Right-click. A dropdown menu will appear. Select Edit.
  • The Edit Sentence popup will appear. Within this popup, you can enter your correction. After you are satisfied, click the Replace button.
    • Tip: you can also use the Edit tool to find and replace all instances of a word or phrase in your transcript.

CaseGuard automatic transcription step four

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