Automatic Detection Workflow

Choose what to redact

  • In the lefthand Toolbar, choose one of the following options.
    • Automatic Face/Head Detection: click to detect and redact all faces in a video.
    • Automatic Screen Detection: click to detect and redact all computers, cellphones, and device screens in a video.
    • Automatic License Plate Detection: click to detect and redact all license plates in a video.
    • Automatic Person Detection: click to detect and redact all people in a video.
    • Automatic Vehicle Detection: click to detect and redact all vehicles in a video.
  • The CaseGuard Automatic Detection popup will appear.

CaseGuard Automatic Detection popup

  • Adjust the shape and effects settings of the Automatic Detection popup. By default, the rectangle shape is selected (update this if desired), then click on the Add Video Effect button to add one of the effects to your video. On the right side, you can see the effect applied to a sample.
  • Adjust the Level of the effect if needed.
  • From the “Options” section, optionally, you can add the Redaction Reason, the Confidence, and Remove Flickering.
  • Check Classify Results, If you would like the system to classify the object you are detecting.
  • Click the Start Now button or schedule the detection.
  • CaseGuard will start scanning and processing the video.
  • Detected objects initially appear as image thumbnails in the Object Detection Panel.

CaseGuard Detected Objects in the Detection Panel

CaseGuard Disable Enable Effect from Detection Panel

  • After reviewing and confirm that your detected objects should be redacted, you can start adjusting your redaction to your liking.
    • Tip: In every frame, you move to, you will be able to see the faces that were captured and redacted.
    • Tip: If an additional object isn’t detected because it wasn’t a face, license plate, screen, person, or vehicle, you can select Automatic Redaction to draw a shape to cover the undetected object.
  • Click  from the Shortcuts Bar or from the Task List Panel to process the file.
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