Object Tracking – Quick Start

Get started using CaseGuard’s Object Tracking to automatically redact any object in a video.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to track an object you’ve drawn a shape over (e.g., a face, a sign, etc.) and follow its movement throughout your video.

  1. In the lefthand Toolbar, choose Object Tracking
  2. Select Shape, Effect. In this example, we selected “Ellipse” and “Pixelate”.
  3. Draw the shape over your object (face).
  4. Change the Effect Level if needed. In this example, we increased the level of pixelation.
  5. From the player timeline, change the video speed if needed. In our example, we slowed down the speed of the video so the bike movement is slower and it’s easier to catch the object tracking performance.
  6. From the player timeline, click the play button to start the Object Tracking.
  7. Watch your object tracking while the video is playing then Click Pause when the object is not being tracked as desired.
  8. Resize and reposition the shape over your object again to help the Object Tracking process.
  9. Repeat the last three steps (6, 7, 8) as many times as needed to get the best results out of the Object Tracking Algorithms.
  10. Click Process from the Shortcuts Bar or from the Task List Panel to process the file.
  11. Give your new file a name then click “Start Now”.
  12. Find your new redacted file in the Project Files Panel and play it again for the review.

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