How to Bulk-Edit Redaction Reasons, Shapes, and Effects


How to Bulk-Edit Redaction Reasons, Shapes, and Effects

It has been a long week of redacting videos and the clock is ticking down to quitting time on Friday evening when you realize you made several mistakes on the final video. You used the wrong shape and effect when redacting the faces, and to top it all off you clicked the wrong redaction reasons for the screens in the video. You could spend hours starting from scratch or you could use the bulk-edit feature to quickly correct your mistakes and make it home on time.

With CaseGuard’s Bulk Edit feature, it’s easy to make the changes you need to tons of files at once. There’s no need to worry about not getting redactions done on time since there is no limit to the number of files you can bulk edit at once.

Let’s get started

  • Open CaseGuard Studio and click the “New Project” button.

9.2 Get Started window.

  • In the New Project pop-up, select the Storage Folder for your project and give it a name.
    • Best Practice: Give your project a descriptive name that will allow you to identify it easily when trying to open an existing project at a later date.

new project pop up 9.2

  • Under the More Information dropdown, you can add information that will be included in the automatically generated reports.
    • Best Practice: Adding the information from the More Information dropdown when you create a project saves you time when producing Reports on why you performed redactions on these files.

More information drop down

  • Click the “New Project” button to finish creating the project.

Performing Bulk-Edit

  • Follow the instructions in this article to automatically redact Faces, License Plates, Screens, Papers, etc. from your video.
    • Do not Export, as you still have edits to make after running the AI Video. 
  • Begin by pinning the Object Detection Panel from the Panels on the right side of the screen.
    • Best Practice: If you find your workspace is cluttered, un-pin panels that are not currently in use.
  • Once the Object Detection Panel is visible, detected objects are displayed as image thumbnails, as shown below:

Object detection panel 9.2 with faces and screens results

  • To update all objects in the Object Detection Panel, click the “Select All” checkbox at the bottom of the panel.

select all checkbox in object detection panel 9.2

  • Next, select the “Edit” caseguard studio icon - pen - edit icon.

edit icon in the object detection panel

  • To update objects by category, click on the “Search Bar” at the top of the Object Detection Panel and enter the type of object you would like to redact.
    • For example, for faces/heads, type “Head” into the Search Bar.

search bar 9.2 object detection panel

  • To update all objects in the search category, click the “Select All” checkbox at the bottom of the panel. To update specific objects, click the checkbox to the left of each object.

select object checkbox

  • Next, select the “Edit” caseguard studio icon - pen - edit icon.
  • The Bulk Edit Effects pop-up will appear. The selections made when running AI Automatic Detection will pre-populate in this window.

bulk edit effects pop up 9.2

  • Here you can change the Shape of the redaction. There are four shapes to choose from: Elipse, Rectangle, Diamond, and Triangle.

bulk edit shape of redaction

  • To change the applied Effect, click the “X” beside the selected Effect to remove it.

remove selected effect in bulk edit 9.2

  • Choose from over 30 redaction and enhancement effects.
  • To update the Redaction Reason(s) applied, choose from the dropdown menu or click the CaseGuard Plus Icon icon to add a new one.

bulk update redaction reason 9.2

  • Once the desired edits have been made, click “Apply” and CaseGuard will perform the updates to the selected objects.
  • Repeat the above process for each category of object in need of edits.
  • After reviewing that the redactions placed satisfy your needs, click the “Export” Export icon in the Shortcuts Bar, and the redacted file will appear in the Project Files Panel.