Audio Effects

The primary audio effects in CaseGuard can all be found in the Toolbar under the Mute Audio tool.

Mute audio works by letting you mute selected parts of your audio, or an entire media file. It contains three effects, which we’ll cover below:

  • Resample
  • Mute
  • Bleep

CaseGuard mute audio options


To protect the identity of those giving testimony, you might need to resample their voices so others can still hear what they have to say without recognizing their identity

Resampling provides nine common audio sample rates that allow you to disguise a voice so that the audio can still be heard, but the voice is unidentifiable because of the resampling. The nine options are:

  • 32000
  • 37800
  • 44056
  • 44100
  • 47250
  • 48000
  • 50000
  • 50400
  • 88200

The higher the rate number, the higher the audio pitch will be.


Muting removes speech and sound from your audio.


The bleep effect plays a brief high-pitched sound over your audio.

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