Create Video From Images

You can turn a series of still images into a video with CaseGuard Studio.

Creating a Video From Images

Before getting started, consider formatting the file names of the images in the sequence.

  • Open or create your project in CaseGuard Studio.
  • In the lefthand toolbar, click Merge Files.
    • By default, all photos within the Project Files Panel will appear as small icons in the Tool Properties Panel below the Player Controls.
  • Select which photographs you would like to include in the video.
  • Click Add to Tasks.
  • The Save as File Name popup will appear.
    • Enter the name you would like to call the video under Output File Name.
    • Select what file type you would like to save the video as. e.g., “Video from Images”
    • Click Ok
  • The video will appear under the Project Files Panel under the name you saved it as.
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