Removing vs. Disabling Effects in the Object Detection Panel

When working with the Object Detection Panel, you have the option of removing an effect or disabling a redaction on a detected object.

In general, we recommend you disable effects for objects you want to remove effects from.

Don’t remove object detection entirely. Disabling an effect lets you turn off the effect so it won’t appear in your processed video. However, the system will still have the ability to add effects to that object later on if needed.

CaseGuard Disable Enable Effect from Detection Panel

We recommend disabling effects for two primary reasons.

  1. You might need to produce two versions of a video. For example, one for a FOIA request and one for another public or interagency request. If each video has different redaction requirements, you’ll have to cut two versions. Disabling effects gives you the flexibility to toggle redactions on and off to whatever specifications you need.
  2. You’re likely to save more time. You don’t want to have to rescan objects. If you remove an object from the Object Detection Panel, the file will need to be rescanned to detect the object again in machine learning mode. While this can be done quickly, you’ll ultimately save more time by disabling effects.
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