Object Classification

What is Object Classification?

Object Classification simply tells you if Object-X in Frame 1 of a video is the same as Object-Y in Frame 2, 3, 4, etc…

CaseGuard uses Object Classification Algorithms to help identify the same object in different frames. When using the Automatic Detection with Object Classification, CaseGuard will first detect all the objects in a video then group them using Object Classification Algorithms. So when Object-X in frame 1 is identified as Object-Y in frame 2, CaseGuard will list both under the same object in the Object Detection Panel.

Why would you use Object Classification Algorithms?

Let’s say your video has five different people, then you have received a request to redact two faces out of five. Automatic Detection will scan your video and detect all faces, then Object Classification Algorithms will classify the detected faces into different groups. Each group will have the same face that appears in different frames. Sometimes you might find two different groups for the same face, that’s when you need to use Merge Objects for best practices.

On the other hand, if all faces in the video needed to be redacted, then there will be no need to use the Object Classification. Your Automatic Detection processing time will be faster without the Object Classification.

How to use Object Classification with Automatic Detection?

You will find the option to Classify the Objects within the Automatic Detection Popup, under the “Options” section. Please read more here, or watch it in action.

CaseGuard Automatic Detection popup

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